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Sick of losing thousands of dollars on vacant homes?

Ever wondered how other park owners achieve superior home sales and leasing results?

Think there could be an easier way to fill your vacancies?

Each of your vacant homes

costs you up to $3,000 in lost revenue.

Let us help you find it — the MHCLeads way.


In our 20 years of owning and managing parks, we found that the biggest drain on park profitability was slow home leasing. It would take us 60 days to lease a home, costing us over $3000 in lost revenue per vacancy. Our marketing strategy was inefficient, and we wasted countless hours chasing down unqualified leads.

We knew there had to be a better way. By combining our high-performance marketing team with our state-of-the-art lead qualification software, we’re now having to turn down qualified renters, and spending almost no time on lead qualification. Incredibly, we’ve seen our parks’ profitability increase by $1,500 per home. Now, we want to offer that same marketing and lead qualification system to you.

How it works


We market your property with tested high converting ads


We handle all your inbound leads, and filter out the disqualified


We immediately send you every qualified lead you get


You focus on your strengths: showing, leasing, and selling homes